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                     i can't cry 

                   opening 5/13 @460 gough

an installation centered around the consumption of black trauma and black love.

                                 by demaree miller 

i worked on this project for over 3 years. it started as a magazine to showcase local talent from the bay area. somewhere along the way it went off the rails. somewhere along the way i got obsessed with the way we devour and export black death. this became the focus of my work. i created a magazine, collection of songs, and most recently the installation @ 460 gough. 'i cant cry' is the title i chose and i think it means whatever you think it means. if blackness is consumed at all times, maybe by offering this piece of myself, i'll be able to save the rest. i'd like to thank the drawing room and levydance for this opportunity. please join us 6/12 for a very small listening party. - d

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